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… you are one sexy lady.

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Mulberry Polly Push Lock

If anyone in particular feels like cheering me up this week – I’m suffering from tonsillitis (booooo!) in the middle of August! I know right; it would only happen to me – there are some rather lovely bags and purses on the Mulberry website that I’ve set my heart on (nothing unusual there then). My most recent must-have-or-die Mulberry item is the Polly Push Lock bag in Conker. Naturally I must have all three sizes so that I am fully prepared for any bag-related emergency.

Biggest to smallest:
Polly Push Lock Tote – £895
Polly Push Lock – £850
Polly Push Lock Small – £695

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Maxis – yay or nay?

Have been debating for a while about whether or not I could rock a maxi skirt, particularly this one from Topshop seen here on Rachel Bilson:

I’m particularly liking the slits up the side of the skirt and the summery coral colour – could look good in the evening with some killer heels and statement jewellery as well. Although I don’t want to end up looking like I’m drowning in fabric.

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Back to Black

So I leave the country for my long-awaited girls holiday – which by the way was easily the best week of my life – and I come home to find out that since I left the country, pretty much everything has gone tits up.
A prime example of this would be the death of Amy Winehouse – I love her voice and her songs, and although she had a hell of a lot of very serious problems with addiction, she was undoubtedly a talented musician.

One of my favourite songs of hers. And right now I feel like it applies to me.

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Bik Bok how you infuriate me!

On a recent trip to London’s Oxford Street with the sister (went to see Glee live at the O2 – don’t even get me started on how amazing that was) I stumbled across the shop Bik Bok, and found a few simple pieces in there which I loved. Being extremely poor (curse you driving lessons for eating my funds!) I looked at a few things but didn’t buy – naively I thought I’d be able to buy the stuff online when I got the money!
Now that I’m shopping for Malia, I happily browsed the website until I read a notice telling me that I CAN’T BUY ANY OF THE PRODUCTS ONLINE.
Well there goes my plans!
If you want similar disappointment, visit www.bikbok.com.
And someone please let me know when they start doing online sales!
I want this jumpsuit so badly.

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Patternity Tights

Now I know what you’re thinking. Patternity? Isn’t that to do with babies and tests and leave from work and stuff? And isn’t it spelt Paternity? Well you would be wrong my friend!
Patternity (yes, two ‘t’s at the beginning) is a company that makes amazing tights with intricate geometric patterns (patterns…patternity… gettit?)

And as well as making cool tights, they pair them with some amazing shoes too, which I always like to see.
Check them out at www.patternity.co.uk
(also, credit must go to my good friend Jess who showed me the website in the first place cos she’s badass n ting)

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I NEED new clothes!

Haven’t posted anything in a while which I apologise for, but there are more important matters at hand.
My girls holiday to Malia is now in less than a month, and then following that in August is Reading Festival which I am so excited about I may wee a little bit.
HOWEVER, how can I be expected to go to these things without a set of new clothes?! And how will I get these new clothes considering I have no money?!
Really want a vintage-style raincoat for Reading – last year it absolutely pissed it down and I was miserable for my lack of fashionable rain-attire. This year I refuse to do the same!
If someone could please locate me a red, patent, vintage-style raincoat with a hood similar to the one pictured below, I will love you forever and ever. If the internet fails me I shall be forced to stay in my tent like an unfashionable hermit.

Oh the trials and tribulations of being seventeen and poor.

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