Kanye West… a serious fashion designer?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD

WTF?! Kanye West exhibited a collection at Paris Fashion Week?! WHAT?!
Now I’m hardly a member of the fashion elite myself, but when I think of Kanye West I think of golddigger, Amber Rose, and Kanye himself generally being in the news for acting like a twat (a prime example being the infamous ‘George Bush hates black people’ saga. Need I say more.) So naturally it came as a bit of a shock to learn that Kanye’s ‘doing a Victoria’ and translating his *ahem* ‘talents’ into fashion. 
Not unsurprisingly, Kanye’s show was a disaster – critics haven’t been particularly complimentary, and frankly considering how ‘nice’ he is to his fellow celebrities (*cough cough* Taylor Swift *cough*) why should they be! One esteemed fashion editor even tweeted ‘still laughing at the Kanye show – #MESS’. HA!
I can’t stand it when overly-cocky celebrities feel the need to turn their hand to something other than what they’re famous for – Gordon Ramsay for example; filmmaking?! REALLY?!
And now that Kanye’s been royally rejected from the fashion world, I only hope he gets the message and stays clear. And if he does – good luck getting anyone to come to the show!


About ejefferys

I'm Edie. Female, 17, wanting to talk about crap on the internet that someone somewhere may find vaguely interesting.
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2 Responses to Kanye West… a serious fashion designer?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD

  1. sally says:

    Funny post, you should write some more. Kanye West is an absolute bastard but god i love his albums.

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