College Essentials for A/W 11

So the new college year is about to begin, and this year I’m going to learn from my mistakes (now that I am old and wise and everything) and buy only a few key pieces for my college wardrobe, instead of the ridiculous amount of stuff I bought last year. Really, you only need a few statement, versatile and durable items that will last you until Spring, which fits in perfectly with my plan to save money! Below is my list of three A/W must-haves which I will be buying to keep me looking on-trend and generally badass until Spring arrives:

Item One: The Coat
Everyone needs a classic coat for the winter season. My main criteria involve versatility – I want to be able to wear it with anything – and warmth – no one wants to see me blue and uncontrollably shivering (it’s not pretty – trust me).
This double-breasted vigoré coat from Zara (which by the way is definitely selling some great stuff right now) is the perfect neutral beige to match anything I wear, and the thick material plus great length means I won’t freeze. The softly tailored shape will accentuate my waist and disguise my hips, and at £119 it’s not ridiculously expensive! A safe buy to last the whole winter.


Item Two: The Chunky Knit

Taking inspiration from old people nationwide, chunky knits are definitely having a moment for me. Although not as good as anything my Grandma can knit me, this River Island tribal-patterned cardigan is both practical and pleasing – no one’s going to lose sight of me in the refectory with this bad boy on. Perfect for a cover-up in early autumn, and can be layered up and belted when the chillier weather sets in. £40.

Item Three: The Chelsea Boot

Boots are always a tricky buy for me – I’m incredibly fussy – but now that I have my black sheepskin ones from last year, I feel it’s time to get something a bit more casual. These tan-coloured Chelsea Boots, £62 from Topshop, will go perfectly with the coat and cardigan above, and can be worn now when the weather is still average as well as in the dead of winter. Should the sun dramatically decide to reappear (fingers crossed!) I’ll be able to team them with bare legs and ruffled socks in an Alexa Chung stylee. Let’s just hope everyone else doesn’t have the same idea!

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